I Remember

May 18, 2010
I remember when you held me in your arms so tight.

I felt safe, and nothing could happen.
That's what it felt like.

I felt undescribable,like Superwoman, almost.
I wasn't afraid of a tiny ghost.

I remember what you said.
You'd always love me.
It didn't matter if i wound up dead.

I remember that special night.
You kneeled on one knee.
You reminded me again, you'd always love me.

I cried tears that night.
Tears of joy and tears of praise.
I would have gotten to live with my life before my very eyes.

I remember the clothes we wore.
During ever single event.
I'm not crazy.
I promise...

I just remembered...
They told me I have Amnesia.
It's crazy what details one can remember...

When I'm in love!!!!

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elfiewrites said...
Sept. 18, 2010 at 10:08 am
You are right. This is one of your best poems yet! This was beautifully written. Great job. Please, if you get the chance, read and critique my newest article called "Keeping Faith" Thanks a bunch!
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