Powerless Words

May 18, 2010
your words do not hurt me, furthermore they strength the heart of this soilder, your words give me the strength to fight, to love profusely, they do not cause a dominoe effect or hold power over me like you think they do, they awaken me with the refreshing notion that i am unstoppable, further more i must be a threat to you, because in the end, you try and use your words to destroy me, but you cant, i shall not let your words define me, furthermore your actions describe the type of woman you truly are, your words prove to me that i am blessed, and that success shall, come to me in the near future, because for every person that told me i couldnt, i proved i could, so what allows you to feel that you will anialate me in your quest for the spotlight? your words, like tears fall quick to the ground, and are gone with the wind, and although they may bruise for the moment they are still superficial harm, your words are not your pride joy, your actions speak for themselves, my words build me up yours bring you down, your words tyre and are like daggers to the heart whereas mine leave people flabbergasted, and allows them to broaden there point of thinking, my words allow me to finish you, they allow me to make you cower in fear, my sarcasm so to speak woos you, wraps you and clothes you then stabs you when your not looking, a sneak attack so to speak, my words allow love enter my soul and give me the strength i need to move foward, yet your words leave you 3 steps back, and in the end when your words arent heard, and people realize the venom you spit, you and your words shall be worthless, whereas mine shall console and clothe those youve hurt with warmth.

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