May 11, 2010
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The new kid is looking so cool,
As he is walking in the hallways
Of his new school.
Everyone laughs at his appearance,
Thinking what horrible style that is,
Also thinking he got it from some stupid Old Navy clearance.
It is lunch now,
People staring at him,
Wondering "how?"
"How can he be here with Tim?"

Tim is Mr. Popular,
With a voice like Ryan Seacrest ,
Everyone thinks the guy is the best.
The two boys sit at table,
Eating some sandwiches,
Telling each other one hilarious fable.
Lunch bell rings and they leave,
With each other side by side,
Walking smoothly like a wave tide.

School ends and Tim says "bye" to the new guy,
Those new friends,
With fun that never ends.
Tim's old friends run to him,
The ones laughing at the new kid,
Asking "who was that Tim?"
Tim says with a smile on his face,
Replies "that was Stefan Lace."
His friends laugh at the name,
Thinking "how lame."
One friend says "With a style that is that silly,
His name should be something stupid like Billy."

Tim gets furious and red in the face,
And says "don't make fun of Stefan Lace!"
His friends turn silent,
So quiet you could hear anyone's breath vent.
"You don't know what's his been through!
His father died of cancer
And his mom lost her job as a professional dancer."
His friends were still quiet,
Thinking how to apologize about the riot.
"Also don't make fun of his style,
It might be stupid,
But he has the humor that makes me laugh for a while."

Tim walked away from his mean friends,
Thinking all his fun ends.
But he's got a new guy,
With a friendship that won't die.
Appearances don't matter to anyone,
But the thing is that Tim and the new guy,
The boy that Tim's old friends made fun,
Would tell everyone that appearances won't buy
And everything is a separate one.

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