Enter the Sweet Dream

May 17, 2010
By MoonlitRaven BRONZE, Nanaimo, Other
MoonlitRaven BRONZE, Nanaimo, Other
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"Life is seen only through lenes, it's to only your perspective that you can tell." Josh Gray

Sleep, sleep
without no weep.
Slip into the liquid dream.
Gaze in daze
through the forest’s haze,
follow the flowing stream.

Breathe in the pure air,
and wander far no where,
with sparkling grass beneath your feet.
Look around,
at the trees of sound,
as they mumble tunes of the sweet.

Walk and amble,
but do not trample,
as the fairies fly swift and shy.
Soaring left to right,
the robins take flight,
faster than a blinking eye.

Stare in the sky,
where the clouds lay high.
Fluffier than any other.
Like a boat,
you begin to float,
upon tree tops you’ll hover.

Away, away,
you shall not stay.
Leave this life of mortal woe.
Heavens bright eye,
or hells hole, sigh.
Soar or fall into any which so.

Sleep now, fade now.
Enter the sweet dream.
Enter the sweet dream.

The author's comments:
Just day dreaming one afternoon, and ya. I fell into a trance.

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