May 17, 2010
By Bennett Epstein BRONZE, Encino, California
Bennett Epstein BRONZE, Encino, California
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The wheel spins round and round.
A soul departs and it arrives
A soul’s pulse never dies.
Like a Ferris wheel,
Each soul awaiting to
Take their new form.
Get off the ride
And a soul is re-born.

But where do souls camp out?
Who am I and who will I be?
We are scared.
We are scared because we don’t know.
We are scared because we can’t know.
The unknown remains unknown.

We are blind to this circular motion.
We are blind because we are reincarnation.
The heart of the dead beats in every one of us.
The process is a mystery,
Just one that can’t be solved.

“Verbal Combat”

Verbal Combat is war.
Out on that field anything goes.
Between two sides.
A battle of guns and shields.

Offense is a wave of insults.
Fired out of mouths like bullets.
Once hit, they pierce the body.
Venom infiltrates and rides
With the blood in our veins.
Shot after shot,
The attacker hammers
Deeper and deeper until
The enemy is buried.

Defense is the walls that spring up.
An invisible shield to protect.
Encircling our self-esteem.
Deflecting the bullets that zoom by.
We patch up the holes to repair
And leave no gaps to spare.

It is you versus I.
It is me versus you.
A way of survival
That humans walk through.


Let’s just make this clear,
We all fart.
Lift a butt cheek and push.
A breeze of air leaves my tush.
Out into the air you fly,
Gas crawls up the nostrils
And everyone denies.
Wrists fling back and forth.
“Ewww, what’s that smell?”
The common fart phrase.
It’s just a fart after all.
Why isn’t anyone amazed?

Silent ones, Smelly ones, and nuclear bombs.
Sharts, Machine Guns, and Tommy’s mom.
The world of fart is so complex,
But what a joy to undue my butt flex.

You all think I’m weird,
But this is important to hear.
I’m sure that while I was reading
Someone farted in here.

“Mommy & Me”

I remember the good ole’ days.
When you strolled me down the street.
When we snuggled and watched movies at night.
When you read me a bedtime story
And life seemed just right.

You were my nurturer.
You were my mommy.

Times changed.
It was time for me to grow
And breathe the world.
I left the nest.
My quest for autonomy didn’t sit well in you.
You lost control.
And that comfort we had dissolved.
A fork in the road sent us on our separate paths.
And as time kept on passing by,
We kept strolling and never turned back.

I just want to say that I miss when it was mommy and I.

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