The Obligatory Music Poem

May 17, 2010
Everybody writes a poem about music.
How they can't live without it,
They take their love and shout it
To the crowds of othher people,
Loving their allusions to
Hip hop or pop.
So I have made a promise
To myself to not be cliche,
But to my dismay,
I can't help but say that
I am in love with music too.

Music, that incurable flirt, has
Embraced me like shas
So many others, her
Lyrics and melodies
[Like vines, they intertwine]
Around me until I am hypnotized.
No one can stop me now.
[Don't stop me now] that I've started
The pounding in my ears matching
The pounding in my heart
And you [can't buy me love] because
Music has already given it to me.

And I know I promised not to write
Another music poem, but
[I got a feelin'] and I can't help but express it.
Because music is so unrestrained;
I discover a genre walking down the street
[Hello, I love you, won't you tell me you're name?]
And he replies, "Rock."
And I say, "Perfect, 'cause I Roll,"
But my soul also belongs to so many
Other parts of music.

And that's precisely what I love 'cause
[If you wanna sing out, sing out.
If you wanna be free, be free.]
Can't you see that my love
Has blinded me, kept me from seeing
That even though I wasn't going to
Write about music, I ended up
Doing it anyway. So I
Apologize for repeating the
Same sentiments as everyone else,
But I can't help it.
These words are flowing out
Whether I want them to or not, but
It's okay because
[Love like ours will
Never fade away.]

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