May 17, 2010
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I am falling through the air,
Like a shot bird.
Falling faster and faster
Not knowing when I will hit the ground.
My whole life is becoming a blur,
Like a rewinding movie.
I can’t move my body.
I am just falling helplessly.
My screams are becoming muffled,
Like I am holding my breath.
I try opening my eyes to get away,
But it’s no use, they won’t open.
And then I hit the ground,
Like a test flight gone wrong.
I can suddenly open my eyes and see,
Like a baby seeing for the first time.
Nothing hurts anymore
And I feel free from all my problems.
There is nothing to worry about now
And no one telling you what you have to do.
It feels so good here,
Like the first day of summer.

I know I have to go back,
to all the hurting.
I black out and I can see again,
But I’m not falling any more.
I feel better now,
I am not alone.
And then I wake up.
It was all a horrible dream.

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