My Baby

May 17, 2010
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i found myself roaming arund,
not knowing what to do without you;
driving around wondering what went wrong,
why i had to be so alone,
yet you were never by yourself.
you always had someone special,
someone who ment more then me to you.
you never shed a tear or showed pain at all,
you moved on so quickly,
that hurt me the most.
i shed my tears and screamed, and fell,
i fell flat on my face on the earth,
my angela who once held me uo
was gone without a second look.
i still shed tears day to day,
and wish that you knew,
that though you may have moved on, i'll never let you go.
for though i say im over you,
and put on such a front.
the truth beneath it all,
is baby i still love you.
i give up them, all the men,
and baby im just waiting.
waiting for you to miss me too
and run straight back to my arms.
until that day,
when my dreams come true,
im waiting for u all alone
like i have been all along.

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