The Letter To Juliet

May 17, 2010
By Ezekiel SILVER, Ohio, Ohio
Ezekiel SILVER, Ohio, Ohio
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To thy beauty of thy queen of Juliet.
Into hopes of friendship I call one.
I remember what you said to me:
let no one come between thee and I.
And take thy joy upon thee.
In secret thy love has not shown in
Take thy hand,
my love.
Thy beautiful soul and precious like gold.
Remember thy words of thy love that is
unexplainable in hope.
Thy of each dove in the sky.
Thy of love
Oh, of how thy love is of thy deserved right thee of a gift.
To thy of she is who bears to me is not
of love.
But of great Destiny.
In secret to destiny of thy love.
Come, come to me as to thee.
As what we have to bring is to seek the
Destiny, in hopes of Love and Friendship I
pray thou in acceptance to take, my love.
Into thy destiny of unexplainable love, friendship and in thy eyes to be of thy beauty of thy queen of Juliet.

Your Lovely Beloved,


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