The Daydream

May 17, 2010
Us together….
Our relationship would be perfect
All we’d have to do is look into each other’s eyes
And know what the other needed
You’d look at me and not utter one word
But still take my breath away
And then you’d begin speaking;
I’d still be gasping for air
Then you’d stroke my face,
I’d just melt,
Then my arms-
Your touch
It sends shivers all over my body
Then you’d lift my face
So my eyes could gaze into yours
You’d lean closer to me, then I to you
You softly say my name
I’d close my eyes as you close yours
Then just as we lean more into each other-
To receive each other,
My eyes snap open………
Everything refocuses back into reality,
It was another day dream, so real and so close
As disappointed as I am, I just go back to my daily routine,
Staring at you up there,
Wishing we could….
Wishing I could….
Just be with….

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