May 17, 2010
By ahall BRONZE, Siren, Wisconsin
ahall BRONZE, Siren, Wisconsin
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the line between love and hate is as thin as they say. i've been sitting on it for a while. Some days i'm balanced as if i feel nothing. But other days, i'm walking on a tight rope. i cant even think straight. i look at you and my heart is instantly filled with a warmth that can't be expressed. but when i actually think about you, and the things that happened between us, so unexpectedly, the flame dwindles to nothing. the spark is not there. it's replaced with a piece of coal that was taken from the dark side of my world. nothing seems to compare. the two strongest of emotion are just sitting side by side in the pool of craziness i call my heart. i want there to be no more darkness and no more light. i want to be able to look at you with out crying tears of sadness and tears of joy. i want to know it wasn't just a game. that i wasnt just a hand to hold. i want YOU to know- i love you.

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