May 17, 2010
By Jasha BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Jasha BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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The more you know the more you dont know

Am I taken over by my emotions subdued by my thoughts or by this thing called life witch is to much of an abroad

Always thinking their wont be a way hoping for that little ray of sinshine but its already to late

Do you here me you here me please answer my call being in that same old circle rise fall...rise fall

Subdued ..subdued I dont want to be consumed by anymore by all of the words the faces its just to much to look apon

Is this like a rollercoaster it may be fun or dreadfull at times

But sooner or later I know my ride will end..I wont be subdued I will be the opposite of the I will be free

Free from life everafter from you the and they..I will no longer be subdued I will fly away grom this thing calledd life

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