Im Sorry

May 17, 2010
I don't understand how you could love someone, but not show it, how life gives you opportunities, but you never see it, I had you in my life now your gone, I never saw that you were my angel, someone who knew how it felt to be put aside, how no one knew what it was like to see the good,

The first time our eyes met, I knew it was love at first sight, your my drug and I can't seem to let you go, as days pass i wonder if we will ever be, the first time our lips touched I felt that you were the one, I don't know what to do anymore now that its gone,

I'm insane,

The bad part was that I lost the MOST wonderful person ever, all the things we go through in life just to stay alive, the thoughts and hopes just wash away, the horrible situations it doesn't matter, because at the end of the day all that is in front of you is your pen and paper...
I don't want to have just that in the end,
I want to be in your arms knowing that I'm safe,
and nothing could ruin that perfect moment,

Love is a powerful word and it comes in multiple meanings, the love that I have for you, you can see it in my eyes, and you can see the fire is strong and won't burn out till you blow it,
Why do we love?
Is it to make the heart feel good or damage it?
The question goes to you, to kiss you, hold your hand which i never want to let go of,
your my light, my guide, my purpose, my... ending,

I'm sorry.

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