May 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Hell can’t be stoped
Devil can love
Fire flame dose hurt
Coal black as night
Death dead is to much
Black white remember funeral
Gray color of rain clouds
Rain my god crying
Storm my mad god
Madness anger my feelings after death
Gone never to return
Body is gone
Blood runs from there face
Shot by the cops
Kill stupid people killed my friends
Illness killed my causin
Gangs killed my good friend
No life I didn’t want them to go
No breth can’t breath
Limp never to get up again
Fait ment to happen
Torcher hurts family and friends
Depression is like a black hole
Ugly world nothing looks the same
No beauty nothing looks nice
Lifeless will always be limp
Tired never can fall asleep
No sleep at all it hurts to much
Asleep forever never to wake up
Cutting seems to help but doesn’t
Worries always thinking who is the next person to die
Hurt pain comes when there is no one to talk to
Sharp pain feels like stabbing in my heart
Broken heart is never good for me
Shadow follows me its so dark
Burnig in my chest never goes away
Insanity is like a screw driving its way into my stomach
Darkness swollows me hole
Gave up on school and my chores
Not strong enough to stop myself from crying
Gore is always in my head
Demons are following me
Evil seems to be around me all the time I want it gone
Pass away to many of my family and friends have passed away

The author's comments:
my friends started dieing and i was feeling like crap and i found a way to get my feelings out there

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