May 13, 2010
Days come and go fast,
Just like the minutes turn into hours,
Test here, test there,
More papers and projects.

Eat, school, practice, work, homework, eat, bed then all over again.
That is your life.
Trying to fit in friends, family, and staying healthy is hard enough,
Having drama every other day is a killer.

High school is the best four years of your life and they go by fast,
Shouldn’t it be?
There are just four years that we can’t redo.

Junior year is the worse,
Getting good grades,
Sports and trying to pick what college you are going to.
Making a choice that you are going have to live with.

So make the last four years of high school worth it.
Don’t slack off, try hard and get what you want.
Just think it is only four years and you can never take them back.

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