My Serentiy

May 13, 2010
By Anonymous

My Serenity
The frigid air sends a brisk chill dancing down my spine.
The sky is a dull gray that doesn’t put you in the right frame of mind.
Yet I feel a sense of tranquility rush over me, like a wave that crashes silently on the warm sand of the shore.
I breathe in the cool air that fills my lungs with clarity.
Sitting in the center of heavenly nature, I am embracing my surroundings.
I peer to look at an almost leafless oak tree, baring its crooked, twisting branches.
I sit and wonder how they became to be that way.
What has made them so crippled?
I then gaze up at the cluttered clouds in the sky.
They look as if I can sleep in them for the rest of eternity.
I am staring at them and find myself interrupted when I hear a delightful sound buzzing in my ear.
I glance back at the oak tree, and see a robin.
He is singing a beautiful song, and hopping, fluttering, and dancing.
I feel a grin spread on my face and my eyes begin to dazzle like the sparkling stars that rest up in the sky at night.
I anticipate the falling of the refreshing, radiant, relaxing rain on my tongue.
I feel the cool, wet rain stream down my face like a bee brushing the petal of a delicate flower.
The rain falls down faster and stronger, almost as if the clouds are weeping.
But then everything becomes still.
The sun shines brightly, warming every bit of earth within its reach.
The wind sweeps up a pile of leaves and waltzes with them around the oak tree.
I start running; I am sweeping wind past me as I go.
I feel a pull, right in the flame of my heart, the flame that I can never extinguish.
I take a long breath of the cool air that makes my head swim.
The sweet- smelling taste of spring brings me to an effortless stop.

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