The Misty City

May 12, 2010
By tei768 SILVER, Pompton Plains, New Jersey
tei768 SILVER, Pompton Plains, New Jersey
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Trapped in infiate darkness
Panting from my long run
The red glow is brighter
A fire of pure evil

The moon is so bright
While I'm trapped
Trapped in a misty city
Divided from the world

I could go back or
Stay in the misty city
The plastered and white walled city
Where it's painted over pretty

In the sheltered draw-botton city
Disrupting wind does not blow
I miss it singing its humming tune
I miss its soothing song

Run to a wild place
With no garden or house
No land broken by men
The pure moon rests in the sky

Go back? i would never
To that ignorant city
Feel the warm grassy banks
The fading amber sunlight

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