Deep Black Hole

May 12, 2010
By ibebblling96 BRONZE, Bpwoe, Maryland
ibebblling96 BRONZE, Bpwoe, Maryland
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I always thought to myself is there a Heaven or Hell or is it just this Deep Black Hole where we spend our entire afterlife. Where light may not reach, Where you fall deeper and deeper in the never ending Deep Black Hole. In the Deep Black Hole there is no longer any happiness or sadness, courage or fear. Or even any pain or joy there’s just nothing. In the Deep Black Hole you’re the only one you can talk to or entertain. You think to yourself what did I do to deserve this, but there’s only one thing you did nothing because in the Deep Black Hole it doesn’t matter who you are what religion you have or what’s the color of your skin, how tall or small you are because in the Deep Black Hole you can be yourself because there’s no one to impress or disappoint. So for right now I’m going to enjoy my life and not worry about my afterlife.

The author's comments:
Its what really was goiing on in my had

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