Undercover Girl

May 15, 2010
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This girl that im thinking of can't get out my mind
Thoughts of her just play, pause, stop, rewind
I want her so bad, I want her as mine
Of course she's a ten this girl is a dime
I really don't know how to explain how i feel
This feels like a dream, Is it even real?
I'm into her vibe, her looks, and appeal
She's Lois lane, I'm the man of steel
She came out of nowhere like out of the sky
this girl is an angel that-has me feeling high
It all took one look and she caught my eye
I want this forever, I can't say goodbye
From head to toe she is like a masterful painting
i have cupid's bow and for her heart I am aiming
I'm going to war no need for the training
Battle of attraction, it's like i am gaming
sh** i really can't get her out of my head
think about her late at night while im laying in bed
the dreams that i think are something i dread
cuz ive needed her ever since we first met
this girl locked me up and threw away the key
now i am hooked and i cant be free
damn baby girl i think I'm into thee
how far can it go? well we're about to see
Everything about her is so perfect and right
from her smile to eyes and even her height
her spirit and vibe, my life she ignites
come here baby girl, I'll be your knight

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