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May 15, 2010
By Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
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Favorite Quote:
The world kind of just goes away, and I fly..

I want the road to success but wait I gotta find it
I'm blinded by the thoughts of things that are reminded
let me unleash my mind sit back and then unwind it
A contract of greatness, now let me sign it
A lot of adjectives and words coming out your mind
Read in between the lines and see between the rhymes
I transform my thoughts like Optimus Prime
My fame is coming out, it's about time
I'm addicted to yes and I'm allergic to no
I don't need any punchlines, I'm throwin combos
Right hook, left hook, I got my own flows
Lyrical bakery, Rhythmical dough
Coming out strong right here once again
let me frapé my words and put them right into blend
reaching my goals and i don't need to extend
killing these verses once again like a trend
every word that i utter leave thoughts so dire
forget getting up sh** I'm getting higher
If you say you're fly than I'm getting flyer
but when you say you're hot, I'm hotter than fire

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