I'm Me

May 15, 2010
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Hello meet the beast, I speak adequately but with no beat
I'm like a priest just here to preach listen closely and hear my speech.

Let me get up let me try to get high,
i already got flown so there's no need to be fly
but just let me ask why... people are so unequal?
you can answer when you go again in your sequel.

welcome to war, no chance to retreat
my mind is the weapon that lyrically speaks,
no win or defeat just hopes and some dreams,
however things look never are as they seem,

Oh man i really don't know what to say,
but I'm still hot like coffee straight out the cafe,
oh sh** you already know that its all fun and games
but please change your lines because they all look the same

Please don't be shocked i don't need any props,
I get down and dirty like nappy dreadlocks
I rock your socks off but sh** I'm not cocky,
I'm confident, so tell me who is there to stop me?

Unstoppable? more like improbable that you wouldn't be stoppable
I'm an animal, Sh** I should be the face of Danimals
I kill and tear each verse and line like cannibals
i know that seemed nasty, maybe you should smack me?
but quit those cute lines in which you are trying to attack me!

Damn...i feel bad now should i repent?
nah I'm worth millions you're just one cent :D
One penny no shine, not even a dime
At least i write every line so that it rhymes...

yeah I'm a jerk its a job, my work
but you are something more like a twerp
I'm throwing my lines out like I'm fishin'
girl if you cant take the heat then get out of the kitchen.

oh yeah you're real cool
hold up a little and lets go back to school.
get a pencil and paper, be ready for notes
try to be at the level of the lines that i spoke!

that was pretty cool I'm not going to lie
but to finally come up with something good i bet you had to try
Cute little lines though i must admit
nothing at my level, I'm still legit

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