The Beginning

May 15, 2010
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people tell me, that im not anything
,but i a sure them that i can be a king
but its like whatever
i guarantee you that i'm flyer than some feathers
just pull the lever, and i release myself
know that these lines are ever so heart felt
ill whip it like a belt, no pun intended
if rap was my enemy then it is now befriended
but i wont even lie, don't even have to try
when i release my thoughts you can see it in my eyes
there is no disguise, i'm no super hero
on a scale from one to ten, i'm the one next to the zero
but no i'm not cocky,
even if your lightening i don't think you can shock me
if i were just like clothes, i don't think you could rock me
not living in a dream, so wake me up and sock me
im heading to my goals, i don't think you could block me
my minds on the road and i want this sh**s forever
not like drake though 'cuz i want it so much better
every verb, metaphor, noun to the letter
welcome to my class, i am the professor
but i know who i am, and i'm tryna do me
but i'm locked up and i need the damn key
i promise if you listen i could set your heart free
but ill never back down not even take a knee

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