May 17, 2010
By jasmine blackwell BRONZE, Mullins, South Carolina
jasmine blackwell BRONZE, Mullins, South Carolina
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8 o’ clock the pandemic shock
The room was desolated
With a sound of a bell
Pending on the hall for all to see
The clock a waited a bound destiny
9 o’ clock the pandemic spread the room was gay with fine wine
The cacophonies of sound nuzzled the air
For all to witness
The clock of death
10 o’ clock the pandemic spoke
The room was full with awe and laughter
A bound destiny – Tinted
The horrid sound of the
Boisterous clock rang
Loudly and shrilly
Was there for all to hear
A tinted apple
A lion’s snare
11 o’clock pandemic stepped
The room grows faint
The walls closed in
The death of fear
The laughter was never more
The clock suspend
With a destiny
12 o’ clock pandemic swept
A room full of void
A room nothing more
The smell of death
That once occupied
The – Awaited door

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