May 17, 2010
By Alison Ratti BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Alison Ratti BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from the close-nit town South Plainfield/from a blue house with red shutters./I am from Pancake's curly fur and Blanky's smooth texture/From Norton, the best dog in the world./I am from band aid covered legs and cut up knees/from holey sockes and torn jeans./I am from my favortie bed time story, "Snakes Super"/from the lyrics from the ever popular song do your ears hang low?"/The childhood memories from so long ago,/ that will stay in my mind for years to come.//I am from packed lunches and dreadful nap's at April's"/frmo never ending lunchlines and tiresome days of high school./I am from the cakes i backed at Grandma's and the french toast Grammy fed me./ from the left overs Mommy reheats and the deliicius steak Daddy cooks./ I am from freezing cold soccer games in late October/from a softball field on a blistering July day./I am from the blood, sweat, and work I dedicate to sports/From laid back chill days with my friends.//I am from rgw arguments with know-it-all Timmy and annoying Caroline,/ From Tim's musicals where I clap frmot he audiance or Cari's games where I cheer from the stands./I am from practical jokes and white lies// From the punishments that got over ruled for good behavior./ I am from a mother who does not always find me funny/ From a father who I am the spitting image of, personality and all.//Having gone through ten years of schooling my brains is full of knowledge/ And there are still things I ahve yet to learn./ But the memories will never fade./ I hvae had 15 years of good times and still many more to come/ANd I promise I will never forgte where I came from.

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