Bugs suck

May 17, 2010
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The sun is bright, and bees are flieing all around.

There are bugs crawling all over the ground.

Every time im just standing around bees fly by my face, I run but all that happens is they chase.

I hate when bees are too close to me.

spiders crawling all around.

They hang from trees, but when you walk pas they come down.

one just landed on my head.

Thank god its not a black widow, i might just be dead.

Then again a bee flys by.
they make me feel like i want to cry.
Im alergic you know.
if i get stung i immediately have to go.

Hurry, run to the hospital now, for an epipen shot, OUCH!

Finally at home, comfy in bed when another spider falls on my head.
I freak out and run from my room.
I went to the closit to get a broom.

no more spider, but i still think ill pull an all nighter.

Next thing i see is a tick on the floor.
I pick it up with a towel and throw it out the door.

I even the score,the bugs are dead

Now finally i can go to bed without some spider falling on my head.

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