Cherish the Moment

May 17, 2010
By Emily Reineke BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Emily Reineke BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from so much love
From family and friends
From memories and remember when's.
I am from sadness
From moving on and getting ahead
From tears and screams.

I am from so much laughter
From quick giggles and spleen splitting laughter
From knock-knock jokes and crazy, long nights.
I am from such great friends
From the girls who know it all and the packages I'll never lose
From the sisters disgused as friends and the ones who understand.

I am from so many memories
From never forgets and never repeat's
From inside jokes and being there when it counts.
I am from tough times
From injuries and passing away
From heart breaks and let downs.

I am from insanity
From different family members and crazy friends
From unbelieveable stories and inthinkable moments.
I am from the good old days
From coloring outside the lines and nap time
From spelling after lunch and cute lunch boxes.

I am from the little things
From hello hug's and the smell of home
From a friendly smile and a gentle laugh.
I am from a loving family
From goodnight kisses and home-cooked meals
From those passed down stories and I love you's.

I am from the girl nights
From pulling all-nighters and talking about everything
From Kodak moments and video madness.
I am from childhood memories
From yellow paint and Pooh Bear
From Spagettio's and chocolate chip cookies.

I am from my Oma and Opa
From my blankie and my Opa dollars
From a flower pressed picture and knitting.
I am from my Grandma an Pop-Pop
From unconditional love and support
From Crazy Ducks and half-birthdays.

I am from inside jokes
From "I bet he train's it." and "Therefore you can not eat the chocolate cake!"
From "I'm never going in that basement again." and "That's such a Kohl's."
I am from those catchy tunes
From Broadway Musicals and "Puff the Magic Dragon"
From "Yellow Submarine" and "The Fifty Nifty United States".

I am from wishes
From lifelong dreams and small town hopes
From unknown secrets and the truth.
I am from inspiration
From creative moments and musical melodies.
From dramatic themes and inthinkable thoughts.

I am from promises
From the always kept and never forgotten
From the trusting and loving.
I am from the unknown
From what has come and what may come
From the future and learning from my past.

I am from strength
From the strength of my mom and dad
From the strength of my sister and friends.
I am from it all
From every smile and tear
From every never forget and remember when.

When I look back now, it all seems worth it.
Every tear that was shed, every smile that was shown,
The tough times and the wonderful memories.
The inside jokes and the old days
The best friends and the little things.
Cherish them and every moment and never forget it.
Because each moment is worth remembering
And every memory effects who you are.

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