Where I am From

May 17, 2010
By Dylan Painton BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Dylan Painton BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from my young parents Dana and Dustin,/ From the bust town of North Edison,/ I am from the dark tree staring at me through my window,/ From the soaring plane that flew me to Disney./ I am from the rusty steel fence that gave me my scar,/ From my white gorilla that followed me everywhere I went,/ I am from the bite that i gave my aunt on a warm Christmas day.// I am from the first step placed in school,/ From the apartment 30F surrounded by noisy neighbors,/ I am from the first of many football games I have ever played,/ From the first Steelers and Devils game I had watched./ I am from the first wrestling mat I ever stepped foot on,/ From the first friend I had made and has now vanished,/ I am from the one town I thought I would never reside in.// I am from the little brown house at the end of a one way street,/ From the first time nachos brought me and my bestfriend together,/ I am from the only town with a helicopter in the middle of it,/ From the first time I had seen what I thought was a ghost./ I am from the top box of a Somerset Patriots game,/ From the gooey sweet potatoes on a cold holiday,/ I am from the first of many times to break my nose.// I am from the squared groundhog infested backyard,/ From the first time I had left the east coast into Oklahoma,/ I am from the relatives of Polish, German, Italian, and Irish,/ From the first league anybody has ever pinned through./ I am from the loud boom on a football field,/ From the first call I had recieved about someone close to me passing,/ I am from the only town to be number one in the state of New Jersey.// All these times and all of these places share one thing in common,/ This thing is much the same and very much different in its own ways,/ There is only one of these you can find through out the world,/ And this one simple yuet unique thing is me.

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