What Makes Me Who I Am Today

May 17, 2010
By Jesse Deffler BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Jesse Deffler BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am fro American flags and Fourth of July parties/From the Hptspurs and the defense/From my dad being at the war not in the war/From writing letters to him with no spelling check/I am from watching Milo have seizures/From holding him down while my sisters cried, and saying "goodbye buddy", not knowing it would be for the last time//I am from living in a house filled with girls/From always haveing dogs in that house/I am from Blackie running away and coming back to the wrong porch/From having to bury her and Milo/I am from Sam's car that you had to start with a screwdriver/ From Becky naming it the death cab//I am from Sam showing me the "Without Me" music video when I was seven/From Eminem being my favorite artist there on out/I am from Debs backing her car into me/From her not even noticing/I am from Oy For Life/From dances on my Flip Video//I am from spending everyday with Mike/From bringing birds named Otis to Pat's house/I am from the cops taking our bikes and all the other stories/From telling Gabby these stories right after they happen because she just has to know/I am from us vowing to never grow up/And from watching it happen right before out eyes//I am from my friends/From my crazy family/I am from hakuna matata/From all the inside jokes no one understands/I am from my childhood/From being filled with countless memories//

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