Confusing to You, But it Makes Sense to Me

May 17, 2010
By Ashley Robjohns BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Ashley Robjohns BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from a dysfunctional family and friends who fix it/
From an old, patched up house on the dead end,/
I am from my messy room that reeks of incense./
From that dark scary basement with its mildew stench./
I am from my baby doll and many blankets,/
From my dad and not from my mother.
I am from memories of family fun,/
From the loud concerts and the embraces of those who care./
I am from movie nights and crazy days,/
From the Blazer, the van, and the sexy car./
I am from the radio station and the iPod speakers,/
From the Pt. Pleasant Beach and the carnival rides./
I am from behind the curtain and in the back of the Auditorium,/
From working Stage Crew in Drama Club all of my life./
I am from the Middle School choir room, which I miss so much,/
From singing in the shower and alone in my room./
I am from the countless books I’ve buried my nose in,/
From Great Britain and places I am unsure of./
I am from the school hallways where I roam,/
From walking the streets in the town I call home./
I am from the pizza place and the ice cream shop,/
From Inksanity Tattoos and the houses of my friends./
I am from the webcam chats and facebook messages,/
From the house in Pennsylvania which I dare not speak of./
All of the good memories are a bandage,/
Covering up the wounds of the bad./
I’m still happy and I’m still smiling,/
Even though sometimes the sting returns./
I am strong and I’m alive and that’s all that matters./
In the end I’ll be here and standing taller than ever. /

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