That Girl

May 17, 2010
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She sits up in her room, and she cries.

Because to no one she applies.

She has no father, her grandmother died.
She is a daughter of someone who has lied.

Her mother lied and said she would get her back one day.
This girl is so sad, as she walks on her way.

On her way, she's walking on paths some are smooth, some are a lot like math.
So confusing, she does not know which way to go.
Kind of amusing, she's walking slow.
As she ends the path, she finds herself in a lake
slowly sinking to the bottom.
Should she just give up, do you think she outta?
But no. Some how she pulls herself back up to the top.
She wakes up to find that she was sleeping like a rock.
She knows that this dream meant something
it meant that her destiny is coming.

She stays strong, she tries not to do wrong.
It didn't take too long, before I could see, so plainly, that that girl is me.

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