To Believe

May 17, 2010
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At last, my love has come along.
The words echoed in my head and in my eyes.
Then they were ripped away.
You disappeared from my life,
leaving only fragments of your existence behind.
I read and re-read your beautiful words, perhaps to assure myself you were here.
You were real.
We were perfect for each other.
Soul mates.
I believe you were honest.
I believe you really cared.
I believe you believed I was beautiful.
How I dreamed of you.
You invaded my mind,
taking it hostage.
A smile still played on my lips.
I let my mind wander, all around you.
But without a sound, you are gone.
I don't know where you are.
I don't know why you left.
All of our plans are crumbling.
All of my hopes turn to dust.
I am left with a very empty world.
My outstretched arms have no one to hold.
I wonder, in my desperation, if you truly loved me,
and even though you are gone, I still believe the answer is yes.

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