The Color Red

May 17, 2010
By lillivirginia BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
lillivirginia BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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What is red?
Red, the color when embarrassed.
That feeling isn’t the rarest.
That’s what red is—
It’s the anger and the hotness you get inside…
The color of anger, shown when they pried.
That’s what red is--
It’s that sweet smell that penetrates your nose…
Blooming in a garden, a fresh rose.
That’s what red is—
The blood that oozes out, after a cut slices your hand.
After which, too much pain to stand.
That’s what red is--
A robin with her red breast,
Waiting for her eggs, sitting in her nest.
That’s what red is—
An apple, clean and crisp,
That taste when it touches your lips.
That’s what red is—
It’s the way a mother acts around her sick little dove.
A color of Valentine’s Day… and a color of love.
That’s what red is.

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