I am from

May 17, 2010
By Anonymous

I am from the posters on my wall
From the embarrassing moments in pre-school
I am from that girl I used to like
From the pleasant neighbors on my street
I am from the time wasted doing homework
From all the teachers I have hated

I am from those sizzling, juicy steaks
From my crazy yet awsome family
I am from those wrestling toys I loved
From that sweater vest she made me wear
I am from Argentina and Peru
From those countless punches my brother gives me

I am from my ever-important hair gel
From the countless hours of video games I played
I am from that pee stain on the carpet
From throwing-up in the middle of the night
I am from family arguments
From the cards without any money in them I got for my birthday

I am from my freinds and my enemies
From all those countless memories
The ones that make me who I am
And the ones that make me who I am not
Waiting patiently deep inside my mind
Never to be forgotten

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