A flight through the mist

May 17, 2010
By amulya BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
amulya BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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In the skies above the mountaintop,
In the cave that lies within.
A dragon spreads its wings
And flies through the mist.
High above the life below,
The creature is at its prime.

The strength that comes from flight becomes its own
Becomes mine as well.
For now the air has become my kingdom
The clouds my soldiers in heaven.

I who ride on top of the majestic,
Feel the wind flow through my hair like water
The speed we travel is astonishing,
The miracles we see haunt my life
Like welcome spirits of those lost to us
The abyss has been released in my mind.

And yet I feel pain,
The scales pierce through my legs
It shreds my clothing and the blood starts to pour.
The sky is stained with my blood and yet I feel alive
My spirit rises above the rest
In this paradise of earth

The tail starts swishing, slashing through the clouds
We twist and turn
The tail our rudder, our navigator.
The wings flap and flutter
The hope that takes us up into reality.

Our destination is close at hand
But I don’t want this to end
The power makes me drunk
The altitude makes me invincible.

The town is spiraling under us
The pressures of the earth returns to us
The lords of the sky, masters of the elements.
The air swirls with the pant of the dragon’s breathe
The heat that spreads as the master of fire prepares
We don’t know what we shall face on the ground below
Praise, fear, admiration, or anger
All things are possible in the two worlds
I see the guide waiting; our journey comes to an end.

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