Think Green

May 17, 2010
By Kendra510 BRONZE, Milo, Maine
Kendra510 BRONZE, Milo, Maine
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I stand amongst the world as acid rain falls
Falls like burning timber and ash
Eating away the living
But we have found the cure

For we obtain the vaccination
Yet the syringe lys dormant within society
Waiting for the fluid to be injected
Waiting on the accumulation of hands among this world to come together

Yet you pull away
Stuck within your bleak world
Your world which people tear to shreds every single day
Is this what you want?

Lack of sight through this fog is understandable
But as for closing your eyes;
Closing your mind to the light
Is not

We need everyone on this ship of hope
Whether or not you believe we are the modern titanic
For we will one day
tilt our heads back on a cloudy day
And taste the fruits of our labor

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