I am From

May 17, 2010
By , Sout Plainfield, NJ
I am from the small blue house i fell in love with,
From the backyard's leather trampoline and the old, raggedy playground
I am from unforgettable adventures shared through the eyes of my little gang
From laods of Band-Aides and dancing in the rain
I am from sneaking out to see the sunrise.
I am from piggy backs and wet licks of love by old Bo.
I am from memories.

I am from an extaordinary woman
From daddy's hellos and goodbyes
I am from a spitting image of my mother.
From family gatherings and enough food to fill me for days
I am from laughs and cries.
From the sweat smell of mash potatoes and lasagna on Thanksgiving Day
A am from memories.

I am from a yellow room.
From spiders in the basement and monsters in the attic
I am from my best friend Peetie I cuddle with every night
From the squeaky stairs and the front door I never use
I am from the box of Cheese-Its hidden under my bed for midnight cravings
From Scooby-Do and Hey Arnold every weekday afternoon
I am from memories.

I am from sports
From long practice hours and competitive games
I am from my competitive nature
From the sound of my mother's cheers and applause every game
I am from my teammates
From the giggles, laughs and support
I am from memories.

All of these memories stored in nothing but my head,
Relived every once in awhile to stop repitition.
This is who I am.

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