This is the Real Me

May 17, 2010
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I am from stuffed animals and play dough/ From play dates and friends/ I am from kids songs and baby books/ From time outs and pillow fights/ I am from sleeping with my parents, and tattle tails/ From gold fish and many dogs/ I am from cartoon shows, and ring-around-the-rosie/ From old memories, and new beginnings// I am from inside jokes and much much gossip/ From arguments and laughter/ I am from busy school days and homework/ From fun summer nights and days by the pool/ I am from life in gymnastics and meeting new friends/ From slumber parties and sleeping till twelve/ I am from my best friend and my worst enemy/ From those days when you just want to sit down and cry/ I am from lacrosse and teammates/ From secret notes and messy rooms/ I am from hard working days, and lazy nights// I am from Deborah and Matthew/ From being tortured and joked with/ I am from having a sister and a brother/ From kindergarten to freshman year/ I am from a well rounded family and a bright future ahead/ From achievements and many accomplished goals/ o am from teams and families/ From tears and happiness/ I am from pain and injuries/ From differences and similarities// I am from remember when’s and good times/ from bad things and great things/ I am from wining and losing/ from embarrassing moments and joking with friends/ I am from making fun of others and hurting when it happens to me/ from tripping over my own two feet and laughing at myself/ I am from getting in trouble/ from wasting my money and road trips/ I am from lake house memories and fun vacations/ from my sister whom I love and a brother who’s a pain/ I am who I am and I am proud//

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