Things Best in my Life

May 17, 2010
By Anonymous

I am from a great family/ From love and friendship/ I am from music and theatre/ From acting and singing// I amd from good memories and bad ones/ From times with family and friends/ I am from sleepovers/ From all the drama and gossip// I am from love/ From parents and grandparents/ I am from lots of presents/ From birthday's and christmas// I am from friends/ From problems and solutions/ I am from inside jokes/ From soul mates and creating a zoo// I am from happiness/ From fights and laughs/ I am from Middle School/ from parties and painting// I am from sisterly love/ From 8 packages and new friends/ I am from sappy stories/ From tears happy and sad// I am from evil teachers/ From Ms. Wilson and all the others/ I am from movies/ From Dora and horror/ All these special times with my/ friends how I hope they will/ never be forgotten because I will always/ remember them.

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