I Am a Legend

May 17, 2010
By Anonymous

I am from a boring town and unusual peers.
From Tarantino films and bottles under my bed.
I am from a home near a field with no wins.
From hilarious bursts of anger and rage.
At a point this stuff seems like dumb writing,
But now I realize that this stuff isn't trivial anymore.

I am from my abuelita and abuelo.
From El Salvador and farming.
I am from a messy lifestyle and Pulp Fiction.
From Beatles and Bagel Pantry.
I am from my greed and my grades.
From drama and wrestling.

I am from my stories and bad jokes.
From the noisy computer and the sister apart from the family.
Iam from family fueds and my forgotten dog.
From the white walls of my room and my DVD player.
Iam from that noisy street and my other writings.From the weird teachers and the mirror T never look at.

Even though times were good,
Memories were bad at certain points.
I'll still remember them at to drive me forward
For my dream of being a part of film.
For this is my reminder, because I am a legend.

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