For the Time That I've Been Here, This is All I've Become.

May 17, 2010
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I am from boring, old houses
From creaking floor boards and sneaking for snacks at night
I am from quiet neighborhoods where no one knows my name
From ghosts in the attic and rooms with 2 beds
I am from waking up to Honey Nut Cheerios
From destroying rooms, and cleaning them up again

I am from floods and fires
From fights and make-ups
I am from injuries and recoveries
From heart breaks and hardships
I am from living in a zoo, and loving every minute of it
From cleaning up after bad pets, and loving them just the same

I am from lies and honesty
From family who sticks together, and does their best to keep it that way
I am from struggling to get by
From love and love lost
I am from lack of money
From abundance of love and teachings of respect

I am from Forked River
From great times with friends and family
I am from a dad who never cared
From a man who became my father, and his teaching me to be a man
I am from important relationships
From deep thought and deeper emotion
I am from fear
From fear of love and fear of self
I am from home

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