I Am Who I Am

May 17, 2010
By Anonymous

I am from movie theaters and drawings,
From barbecues and pool parties,
I am from The Wizard of Oz and school,
From bed time stories and family dinner,
I am from skateboards and bruises,
From rollercoasters and homemade cheesecake/

I am from chewing gum and sun flower seeds,
From Teletubbies and grandparents house,
I am from math class and baked ziti,
From video games and sports,
I am from Dinsey World and pool tables,
From playing Wii and childhood memories/

I am from hostipals and cemeteries,
From Germans and Puerto Ricans,
I am from jokes and arcades,
From cell phones and a clean room,
I am from yard work and walking on boardwalks,
From writing essays and taking tests/

I am from music and broken bones,
From happiness and hair cuts,
I am from new clothes and the mall,
From lazy school mornings and broken glasses,
I am from paper cuts and splinters
From family movie nights and birthdays/

My life is always repeating these steps,
Over and over again,
Some days good and not so good,
But I live each day like there is no other.

The author's comments:
Matt W.

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