May 17, 2010
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I am from divorced parents and loving grandparents.
From splitting the holidays and trying to copy my siblings in everyway.
I am from plastic covered couches, and animal filled houses.
From Daddy's little girl to being on top of the world.
I am from critising family and understanding friends.
Its hard to look at pictures of a time you thought would never end.

I am from grandma's hugs and warm, sticky cinnamon buns.
From hand puppets and night lights.
I am from timeouts and trivial fights.
From swimming pools and trampolines.
I am from 90's cartoons and all the other things ive seen.
From hateing bedtime and catching fireflies that float around waiting to accept defeat only to be released.

I am from hideing under the blankets and sucking my thumb.
From waiting for the tooth fairy to come.
I am from grandpa's peanut butter & peanut butter sandwiches that always hit the spot.
From being cashed by my brothers paintball gun while begging for him to stop.
I am from carrying around my furry, little best friend everywhere id go, promising no matter how old i got id never elt him go.

I am from dirty water dogs and Disney movies.
From leaving cookies for Santa and Easter egg hunts.
I am from being scared of spiders and clowns.
From a lifetime full of laughter, and frowns.
All my differences bring me together, while reminiscing the memories ill remember forever.

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