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May 17, 2010
By jrotella BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
jrotella BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am small bikes and pools.
From a big town that seems really small.
I am from from baseball and soccer.
From waking up early on Saturday mornings and playing soccer with friends.
I am from New York Giants and New Jersey Devils.
From my Grandfather yelling at the Giants game.
I am from large Italian diners and talking with my hands.
From hot summer days to cold winter nights.
I am from clean rooms to huge backyards.
From volleyball on land to volleyball in the pool.
I am from a hundred different memories and stories.
From stories not yet created.
From middle school to high school a whole new game.
I am from winter track to spring track.
From marching band to concert band.
I am from walking aimlessly from class to class looking for my friends.
I am from wishing the next break from school would come faster.
From wishing summer would never end and wishing school would never start.
I am from many friends.
From friends lost never to talk to again.
I am from new friends.
From new experiences with old and new friends yet to be had.
I am from pool parties and night swimming with my friends.
I am from friend knowing which friends have my back and those who don't.

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