May 15, 2010
With eyes of acid,
The idea of you paralyzes me.
From my heart to my head,
and my ribcage to my toes.

Your heart is a black hole.
I know exactly how you think.
I know exactly how you revolve yourself.

I'm your everything;
You don't even realize.
You are ignorant to the pain you project,
you don't understand the effect you leave me with.

You're the superglue holding my anxieties,
dark memories,
and doubts together.

A hurricane on a sunny day,
A thunderstorm in February,
A throwing star through my abdomen,
And a machete in the beating part of my heart.

Striking me at my worst;
I hope you're proud.
I hope you feel like you have total control.
I know you hold the keys to these chains.
I know you hold the ammunition and the trigger.
You're index finger lightly dancing on it.

I hope you know I won't wake.
I hope you know I'm choking.
I know you know i'm suffocating in this midnight darkness.

Pull that trigger if you feel so compelled.
Grip my neck a little harder, if you so wish.
But give satan a kiss for me,
At least I'll make it to heaven.

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