May 15, 2010
By Anonymous

I hear the crack
See the blood
What have you
Done to me?
They take me in
Push some buttons
Get my x-ray
Of my broken heart
They say
My condition
Is severe
I may not survive
I get visitors
Mostly family and friends
But one day
You come to visit
You apologize
You plead for forgiveness
You say you want
To make it all better
You say you love me
I laugh
You say its true
I laugh harder
That night
I die
You come to my funeral
And cry
You apologize once more
To my corpse
You say "I love you"
And walk away crying
Only now
Do I realize
Your words
Are true

The End.

The author's comments:
I want to thank my friends Kalyn and Catie for giving me the general idea for this poem. Please comment and rate.

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