Time For A Change

May 15, 2010
In the wake
I hear your voice
You call my name
I have a choice

I could stay
And wait for you
Hear you talk
And listen, too

Or I could leave
With a hold on my heart
I know what you'll say
And it tears me apart

I pause for a moment
Then turn with a sigh
"I can't wait to hear this.
I'm done with your lies."

You just stand there
You're waiting for me
If that the way you want it
That's the way it'll be

"It's been five years.
You haven't changed.
You say you'll try,
But I'm just drained."

"I know, I know.
I've hurt you a lot.
You've spent endless nights crying,
And I know that we've fought.

But I do want to change,
Because yes, I do care.
I might not always show it,
But this I do swear."

"Listen, I'm sorry.
I can't do this again.
Five years of heartbreak.
I just cannot win."

With that I turned
And left for good.
To start the life
I knew I could

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NeverEnding... said...
Jun. 10, 2010 at 11:57 am
i can feel your strength, dude its amazing! your poem flows very very nicely and its just so pretty when you say it out loud and the meaning is well put together :) :) :)
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