Lover and a Writer

May 15, 2010
By Love_Lindsay SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
Love_Lindsay SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
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I am a writer, never at a loss of words
With a vocabulary, as far as the eye can see
But because of you, my words seem blue
Eyes so green, like a plea to be seen
I look, my heart you took
You touched me, and I believe
My eyes search you, praying that you feel this too
The tragedy lies in the fact, that maybe this is just an act
An all knew low, for I will never know
I strive to remember all those times I had a crush, and remember if it gave me this kind of rush
Again I wonder, besot, if I am in his thought
I ponder why my heart is so keen, when my head says there’s so much in between
I don’t know what to do, what’s this with me and you?
A living hell, because all this I am too afraid to tell
I am a writer, but a lover too
Now all I can do, is write about you

The author's comments:
Writing is often influenced by those I love...whether they know it or not...

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