If only she would notce me

May 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Her name is Mia E.
I been in her class 5 consecutive years
She is the most beautiful girl in the world
Don’t get me started on her eyes
On a sunny day they sparkle in the light
She smells like flowers and butterflies
I see her everyday in school
But it’s like I’m not there to her
I try my hardiest to get her to notice me
But nothing works
I buy her gifts
Write her poems
Sometimes I think there is no point in trying
I know everything there is to know about her
I’m the only one who can understand what she’s going threw
Her abusive father
Her alcoholic mother
She has no free time
Because everyday after school
She gets her mother off the floor and puts her on the bed
She covers for her father
Makes up all these lies and excuses for him
Somehow she finds a way to hide all that pain and suffering
And make it look like everything is ok
I know she needs someone to talk to
So tomorrow I’m going to make my move
I’m going to be myself
Not anyone else
I’m going to break her free from all that pain
Then she will finally notice me
I know she will

The author's comments:
I wrote this like 2 months ago. I currently go out with her.

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