The Monster

May 15, 2010
By DeepDarkpoet BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
DeepDarkpoet BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
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For long as I can remember
People all over the world wondered what a monster is
A monster is a sick twisted person
Who enjoys the pain and suffering of the innocence
A monster doesn’t care who will miss you if you go missing
Whose lives they damage and change forever
Long as the fulfill their deep dark needs they are careless
Some people think they can tell if someone is a monster at first sight
Well you can’t
Monsters come in different shapes and sizes
They can be anyone
Your teacher, your brother, or even your neighbor
Just because you can’t detect it
Doesn’t mean they are not a monster
Some are better at hiding it then others
There are all different types of monsters
That is all over the world
So I’m just saying be careful
Because a monster can be next to you right now

The author's comments:
Tell me if you think im right. Thats my point of view

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