My Family is Gone

May 15, 2010
By , Bowie, MD
As I rushed home
Trying to make it by dinnertime
No one but me on these shadowy streets
As I continue to walk
I get further and further
Into the dark
Still two more blocks to go
Until I can sit down and relax
And enjoy the sweet fragrance
Of mommas sweet potato pie
And her tasteful meatloaf
So as I continued to walk
I was stopped by a strange man
With a cocky grin on his face
He asked me where I was headed
And do I want a ride
But I quickly rejected his offer
And kept moving forward
He continued to move closer to me
Every step he took I grew more scared
I couldn’t get a glimpse at him
Because his face was hidden in the shadows
I started to run
He followed right behind me
I finally reached my doorstep
And furiously banged on my door
There wasn’t one single light on in my house
So I sensed something was wrong
I grabbed the spare key under the rug
I quickly opened the door
Then bang
I was hit in the head with a baseball bat
I fell unconscious
When I woke up
My whole family was gone
All there stuff too
I rushed to the phone
I found a note
It said “Sorry son we felt you were setting a bad example on your little brother. So we are going far away don’t bother calling our phones are off we wish you best luck bye”
I can’t believe my own family did this to me
I can’t believe my family is gone

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